Gardening is one of the most enjoyable hobbies to indulge during leisure time as it gives hopes on daily basis with the aim to learn something new. There are weird garden tips that can bringing surprising results if adhered carefully. Traditional and natural methods are used by many where trials and errors are encountered and ideas got accidentally in the trying process, many ideas have been tested by individuals.

To improve the soil PH, sprinkle coffee beans to compost bin and by the time it has decomposed fully, soil acidity will have been boosted along. Because of the acidity components in them they will alter the PH releasing natural constituents that inhibit nitrogen production and growth. They are harmless to crops as truism is based on fact and partially.

Pests spread and cause diseases

Modern science has proved that microbes found in the soil dirt can lead to health hazardless and illness causing germs as the organisms are micro. Anytime you go to the farm it’s recommended that wear your gloves regularly as you might get cut while digging or encounter with stinging or biting insects. But don’t get overly fussy about not getting dirt on yourself while digging your garden.

Pests spread and cause diseases reducing yield to be harvested, to get rid of them pennies made of copper are placed on the farms. They have an electrical charge that will zap and keep away pathogen like slugs when they try crossing over them. Actual copper foil tape when laid in strips around the plants repels slugs away as they will claw elsewhere because they get annoyed.

Gardening tips to use in farming

When crops are not spaced well they end up competing for nutrients and minerals underneath, resulting to poor production as they did not get the essential nutrients for their growth. To space them properly use of wine corks can aid as you push them to the ground where you want to insert your seeds. The hole will be at a uniform level and clearly visible for next planting, for better results create spiral shapes rather than straight line.

Different crops require certain nutrients for them to do well and fertilizers have affected the farms where calcium in the soil have been reduced due to the chemical nature used in the manufacturing industry. Increasing level of calcium, eggshells can be used to boost your yard do not throw the shells in the dustbin but rather crush and bury them underneath to be used as perfect pot to grow seedlings.

Epsom, salt have high quantity of magnesium and crops need these vital substances for enrichment. Add one table spoon of this salt to your soil before planting where crops like peeper and tomatoes benefit. To retain moisture in soil tear diapers and take out the gel and soak it in water, later mix the gel with the soil then grow your seedlings. If the strategies are strictly followed, high yields can be reaped as the methods are natural and no chemicals are induced in the process. The world can create a healthy lifestyle because some fertilizers contains substances that are harmful to our bodies when digested.