Agriculture is the growing of crops and the rearing of animals for human survival. The discipline agriculture is a serious area and farmers must focus on what they are doing to get a better yield of the crops and animals they rear. Benefits of farming and the rearing of animals cannot be overemphasized, they include the following, it provides food fort the household and the entire family. It serves as a source of income where they get their money from and to buy their goods and whatever they want in life. Another importance of agriculture is the fact that it gives employment to people and guys are not left unemployed. Some times the animals that are reared are used for entertainment and and for sporting activities in schools and international sporting activities.

Farmers make beds to grow their

Farmers make beds to grow their crops on it and also nurse some seedlings on it for a better yield. There are various kinds of beds and the type that is employed is depends heavily on where you are located. Some farming lands are found in lowlands and others are found in raised areas and yet some are located in between lowlands and raised areas of land. In lowland areas it is better for you to make raised bed for the crops since that will improve crop yield and the vegetables will not die. Higher land areas must have sunken beds and not raised beds since that help the crops to grow and do well. You as a farmer ought to know what or how your land nature is and decide to use an appropriate bed for the plants grown.

Constructing a raised bed for gardening and farming

Raised beds are a special type of beds used in low lying places to cultivate plants and food plants for the purposes of man. For a raised bed you need either the machine farm implements or simple farm tools for that purpose for you to grow the needed trees. In making the raised beds you ought to have dig the ground first so that the soil is loose and well aerated for such an activity. The next thing is to collect the soil together in a long ridge or bed which is higher than than the lowland. Farmers often make mistakes of cultivating inappropriately in the land and the products of their produce is usually low and some times total lost. Agricultural officers as part of their duties teach those who engages in farming to practice a proper and healthy farming systems.

This bed type by definition is a bed that is constructed above the normal ground and it has some importance. It is a kind of bed that is used in to actually improve soil drainage so that it can support tree growth and vegetable production. The raised bed gives a chance to raise vegetables in areas of small amount of soil. In some instances the raised beds that are made are used to reduce soil hardening or soil compaction. Raised beds as it is seen provides plant food in greater proportion than any type of bed known. You have to be guided by an agricultural officer for you to produce a raised bed for your farm and to prevent losses.