Gardening is a very amazing activity to dive into to either pass time, have something to look after, or just for the love of plants. Planting, watering, and watching what you’ve planted grow is simply great. You end up having a kind of fulfillment that makes you happy. However, some times gardening can be stressful when you don’t the best method to keep your plant healthy and they end drying or you just don’t know anything about gardening. What you need is some unusual tips to help you out.

The first unusual that you should consider at the very first stage is to do the planting in the moonlight. Research shows that plants planted during the evening hours tend to grow really well as compared to those that are planted early in the day. You may have planted your crop in the morning hours and it’s growing slower than expected. Waiting for a plant to grow and bear flowers or fruits for a year when it should take a couple of months isn’t really something a person would be happy about. Why don’t you try plating the crop in the evening and watch the magic?

Using diapers is the other magical

After planting you would need it to grow fast and as healthy as possible. Well, plants are like human beings, they too require nutrients to keep them alive and look great. The unusual trick to applying these nutrients to them is using coffee filters. You know the leftovers of coffee that you usually throw away? You can put them into use by putting them around your plant. They will provide it with potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. The coffee filters will also help to keep what you have planted intact so that when they outgrow the vessel and you need to transfer them, it will be easy with less mess made.

Using diapers is the other magical and most weird thing to do. Can you imagine placing diapers where your plant is? Despite how weird it seems, diapers help in socking the excess water that they produce. This helps in making them smell fresh, hence you can say goodbye to the bad odor that can be a real discouragement when you are gardening. Diapers also help the plants to grow faster, providing great results.

Great unusual gardening tips

Apart from that, you can make use of eggshells which is uncommon but helpful. Plant nutrients can be extremely expensive and beyond your gardening budget. You can reduce how much you spend on them by providing your garden with calcium using eggshells. All you need to do is crush the eggshells into small particles and sprinkle them on the soil of your vessel. They will give your crop the calcium they need for growth.

These weird and unusual tips are what you need to succeed in your gardening. You can try each one of them and see the benefits you’ll get. Through the process, you’ll enjoy gardening and even discover other things that help in making your garden as beautiful as ever and your plants thriving. You can keep checking online for other methods that are discovered each day that are unusual but powerful.