Urbanization has made space very scares because buildings are being built every day. Some have gone to the extent of taking land preserved for plantation and haves used it for commercial purposes. As a nature lover, going to the street and shouting for the right to some green space is rather too much. Most prefer being the difference themselves by planting an indoor garden and taking care of it. It is said necessity is the mother of invention, looks like it is true after all, the need to see fresh leafy plants growing is the greatest motivation to start this kind of garden.

Cleanliness is good for growing seedlings

Cleanliness is good for growing seedlings just like it is for humans. The same way you dust particles in the house is the same way the leaves of plants growing indoors should be kept dust-free. Leaves have pores that enable the plant to breathe and make food, foreign objects on them like smoke and dust hinder this. A special piece of cloth should be set aside for this purpose, once a day the owner should check on their plants and clean them off they find any dust or smoke on the surface.

What are some indoor gardening tips?

Since the seed is indoors, placing it near a clean window is necessary. Clean because if a windowpane is dirty, it will become translucent and there to block sunlight from reaching the plant effectively. The best solution is placing the pot near a window that receives a lot of sunshine during the day instead of one that gets sunlight only for a few hours. A Window facing a street or a construction site is not advisable because of the potential dust or smoke coming from activities happening outside. When a plant is indoors, it does not need much water like the which is outdoors because of many factors that lead it to drain fast like direct sunlight.

Planting the right sized seeds is a good point to start. Some leaves grow big and might end up making the house looking like a rainforest and eat up space that was used for something else. Measuring the space available then explaining it to the expert at the seedling shop will help you a lot. Because plants produce oxygen during the day and carbon dioxide during the night using leaves, too many leaves in the house at night can lead to the suffocation of the owner or residents.

As much as this is a good activity, harm can be caused if overdone. If someone wants to own an indoor garden they should keep away from the excitement that makes them want to acquire not plants which may end up being too hard to take care of. Old people can have these set up in their spaces to give them a relaxing feeling and also keep them occupied in the case going out is a challenge. Considering that the seedlings are in pots and not in their original setting, fertilizing them once in a while can be of help, but again this should be done with care to avoid too much leaf growth.